History Committee Report

Dorothea Cappadona leads the way into Caumsett history!


This has been a spectacular year for the History Committee in terms of growth, according to Dorothea Cappadona, chairperson. In addition to initiating a cataloging system, the committee has added new members who bring with them professional skills, contacts and energy. The Foundation's collection has grown in size and variety of materials and, fortunately, archival facilities for storage have expanded as well. While busy collecting, preserving and cataloging data, committee members have developed a numbering system for identification purposes, organized data storage for easy retrieval and initiated a sign-out system.

From Field family members and their staff, they have obtained primary source materials for display and for the archives. As a result, there is now a virtual "treasure trove" of photos and taped (voice) interviews with individuals who remember the estate from its inception in the 1920s through the 1950s. "These people speak in the first person, and add far more interesting details than any of the published sources," notes Dorothea Cappadona.
Since the sizable collection includes photos, slides, articles, books, correspondence, audio tapes, 16 mm movies and maps, the state granted permission for use of a significant portion of the upper floor of the Winter Cottage for storage. The committee's goal is to establish an easily identifiable and accessible collection that will provide a professional archive to the Foundation as its legacy.

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