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  Good news for Caumsett!

The Caumsett Foundation received a $400,000 matching grant for the restoration of the historic John Russell Pope-designed Polo Stable as a part of the $101.6 million Regional Economic Development Council's recently-announced grants for Long Island. Built in the mid-1920s, the 23,000 square foot Polo Stable is the most architecturally significant building on Marshall Field III's former 1550-acre estate in Lloyd Harbor. The total project cost is $3,245,000. The Foundation, in partnership with the New York State Parks Department has completed the $1,100,000 restoration of the roof. With this additional grant the Foundation is ready to bid the remainder of the restoration project. Plans and specifications have just been completed by the architectural firm of Beyer Blinder Belle, and have been approved by the New York State Parks Department. The project is ready to go; construction should begin in the spring.


As seen in the photo, the western porch is at risk of total collapse. It will be saved! The broken windows and deteriorated doors will be brought back to their original state; the splayed brick will be replaced and the masonry cracks seamlessly sealed. Every intricate detail will be addressed.


The Foundation has raised a significant amount needed for the $400,000 match. This project has been a truly collaborative effort - NYS Parks, The Caumsett Foundation and our many individual and corporate donors are making this restoration possible. With continued support to complete the match and a maintenance endowment, we are confident we can finish the project within the next year and a half.


If you would like to hear more about this and other projects sponsored by The Caumsett Foundation, please call Lynn Gundersen 631 692-4118.

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