The Caumsett Foundation

Dedicated to the preservation of

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve


The Caumsett Foundation has been recognized as a model “friends group.” We work closely with New York State Parks and the community toward a common mission: to support and enhance Caumsett State Historic Park as a unique and historic environment.  The website pictures alone describe a significant part of our exciting story. For example, view the Walled Garden and you will see its transformation from four overgrown acres of weeds and bramble to a place of serene beauty for quiet contemplation or for a spirited musical or theatrical performance.

By following the Trail Guide through the park, you will see more evidence of the Foundation at work. The historic Dairy Barn complex, which was almost beyond repair, is being meticulously restored to its former elegance. During the spring and summer months, catch groups of families and young children enjoying “From Moo to You,” an interactive, hands-on, educational program co-sponsored by the Foundation. It features live dairy cows, milking demonstrations and displays, and a sampling of freshly made diary products.

None of this would be possible without the help of the many community members who give their time, effort, creative ideas and financial support to Caumsett. We are so grateful. Together, we pledge to continue our work to enhance this magnificent park not only for our present visitors but also for generations to come.

Again, welcome to the Caumsett Foundation website and enjoy your time here. I’ll see you in the park!


Thomas Calabrese, Board Chairman
The Caumsett Foundation

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