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Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

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  1. Be sure to visit our site periodically to enjoy our changing photo display of Caumsett and the activities enjoyed at this site.If you wish to donate any photos or memorabilia of Caumsett, or join the history committee, please contact the History Committee Chairman, Dorothy Cappadona at or call her at (631) 549-6987.


Caumsett Timeline

Matinecock Indian use for fishing and hunting

1711                                 Henry Lloyd family and descendants - Manor House built

1771-1792     Revolutionary Period


Lloyd descendants


Various estate owners

1921-1961                    Caumsett, estate of Marshall Field III

1961- Present            Caumsett State Park

1996                                Caumsett Foundation Formed

2010                               Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve   (New Master Plan written by NYS & designated as a preserve)

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  1. Caumsett Timeline